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It seems to me that our society is full of minor "security holes" like this one, but they're mostly of the sort that are easy to close if they become significant. This has happened to me once in decades of dining out in good restaurants and bad; the restaurant it happened in wasn't used to this kind of scam either. Clearly the loss from this particular scam is tiny. If it happens more often, restaurants and diners will become more aware of it — notice how eagerly people will spread news of new kinds of scams — and a slight increase in caution makes this scam much less likely to succeed. I think this is one situation in which our normal cultural risk assessment and mitigation reactions are behaving usefully. Just wanted to comment on a low tech scam that affected me and my family.

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They appear to be known for their fire suppression systems in addition to home alarm systems. Thanks for bringing them to our attention, we’ll begin our review of them and should have something ready in a couple months our reviews are comprehensive and include detailed fact gathering and contact with the company and customers, which can take a while. Subscribe to our Content Feed or E Mail Newsletter to stay abreast of developments. My security system service rep came to update smoke alarms he insisted, then switched my account over to AlarmGuard360. He said it was better and same low price. However, when he took out the contract it was for 5 years. He also said he had filled in the wrong date so said to simplify things I should write same date on my check for first months payment. Turns out he backdated the contract so I wouldn’t have the 3 days required by law to cancel the contact. Any one have any experience with this company?Do I have any recourse?Seems like I have been taken and now how can I trust this company to protect my home and to ever be honest with me?I found out, after installing and signing up, that ProtectAmerica has no monitoring of the system integrity!If you lose your T Mobile cell signal, or your broadband/cable T Mobile is too weak at our location you go offline and you never know it!No panel beeps, no call from the monitoring center to tell you, nothing. We were offline for 4 days, arming and disarming the alarm la dee dah and all that time if we had an alarm no one would have known. You can see it on the History display at protectamericainteractive.